Health begins in the eye

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Your health is a reflection of your Circadian Rhythm.

Your eyes sense the natural light cycle of Sunrise to Sunset and sends signals to your brain's Master Clock. This clock runs a continuous near 24hr cycle of physiological and metabolic changes within your cells. 

Today's technology has you behind blue lit screens for many hours a day, often well after the sun goes down.  This sends a false signal of "solar noon" to your eye-clock, preventing the release of Melatonin, best known as the sleep hormone. We now know Melatonin is also our most powerful antioxidant, responsible for healing vital cells within your body and the prevention of many diseases.

With your Circadian Rhythm back in sync, you optimize your mitochondrial function. You will literally have more energy and vitality.  With Rhythm Optics blue light blocking eyewear you can take back control of your light environment, and your health!

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