The Wayfe with Rhythm500 lens

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Meet The Wayfe.

Our take on a timeless classic style.  First popular as sunglasses in the 50's and 60's, this style made a big comeback in the 80's, and again in the 2000's. 

If James Dean were to have worn a pair of blue blockers, these would be it!

Today, it does more than just look cool...

The Wayfe's Rhythm500 lens protects your eyes from receiving 100% of the harmful blue light spectrum and filters the green light too. You are being bombarded by junk light from the screens of your smartphone, tablet, computer, and tv, not to mention LED and Fluorescent lighting...your biology was not designed for this!

By blocking out 100% of this harmful blue light and also reducing green light, your light environment will be more like nature intended.  Your circadian rhythm will be optimized. You will sleep better at night, wake at the right time in the morning, and have more energy and mental clarity throughout the day.  Ultimately you reduce the effects of ageing by supporting your mitochondrial health, which is key to prevention of most modern diseases.

The Wayfe suits every kind of face shape. Whether you have an oval, round, diamond or heart shaped face, The Wayfe will look great on you.

Frame Size: 52mm wide lens - 20mm wide bridge - 142mm long temple

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Excellent for sleep

Really good looking glasses, well built and comfortable with a high quality feel.

Comes with a great case and pouch, classy!

Love my
Blue blockers!


Sleep hygiene is one of those things that's easy to neglect, and it has only been a radical change to my thinking and behaviour around sleep, that has transformed my circumstances.
Since using these glasses for the 2-4 hrs before sleep almost every night since getting them, I've become aware of how screwed up my sleep hygiene was.
Now my energy is increasing, my aggregate mood is brighter, I'm more attuned to nature's rhythm and happier at large.