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The Tangle with Rhythm500 lens

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Meet The Tangle.

Don't be a square.  The thin rectangular frame of The Tangle look great on those with oval or round face shapes.

Made of Swiss developed TR90 this frame is lightweight, durable and flexible. The inherent flexibility allows them to form to your face for improved comfort. Unlike cheap, brittle Polycarbonate frames, they wont easily break if sat on, stood on or dropped.

The Tangle's Rhythm500 lens protects your eyes from receiving 100% of the harmful blue light spectrum and filters the green light too. You are being bombarded by junk light from the screens of your smartphone, tablet, computer, and tv, not to mention LED and Fluorescent lighting...your biology was not designed for this!

By blocking out 100% of this harmful blue light and reducing the green light, your light environment will be more like nature intended.  Your circadian rhythm will be optimized. You will sleep better at night, wake at the right time in the morning, and have more energy and mental clarity throughout the day.  Ultimately you reduce the effects of ageing by supporting your mitochondrial health, which is key to prevention of most modern diseases.

Frame Size: 54mm wide lens - 17mm wide bridge - 145mm long temple

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Wuttitorn O (Melbourne, AU)
Great quality product

Product as described and it works!

Petros (Crawley, GB)
Sceptical at first, 100% fan now

I was sceptical about using blue blockers at first, with there being loads of mostly anecdotal accounts about how well they work and no real official published research. The closest thing I found to an explanation is the age old digital eyesore story which is about working in front of a screen in general.

Either way, I thought I'd try them and see for myself. In the beginning I wasn't quite sure I was feeling any benefits, until the one evening I didn't use them. It was harder to sleep and in the morning, my eyes felt dry and tired. Can't believe this was every day before I got them. I always wear them in the evenings now until I go to bed.

I find them annoying whilst cooking but that's about it. I can imagine if you're a visual artist that works with colours then they're probably not useful but everybody else, this is fantastic. Great for all kinds of screens. Most phones will have an eye comfort function but trust me, the glasses are the real deal. If you look at your phone at night whilst wearing these, then remove the glasses, look at your phone again you'll go "woooow this is horrible quickly put them back on".

Finally, big love to Trevor, answered all my questions with great detail!

Prompt delivery from Australia to UK, comes with a hardcase, a softcase and a cleaning cloth thingy.

Angela Baklis (Melbourne, AU)
Great quality!

We can truly tell these glasses are great quality! very clear, comfortable, light and most of all effective! highly recommend these to everyone, great value for money!

Ben Ben Shalom (Tel Aviv, IL)

I was in shock. Free shipping worldwide...
Super responsive company, I asked a lot of question on their Facebook Messenger and was answered politely. I asked them to double wrap the box and they did.
I give them 1000 on costumer experience.
For the glasses- I was skeptic of their Blue Blocking abilities so I did every online test that I found...They passed them all. I can't even see the blue dots that tell me the time on my cable company device.

If I would order another pair, I would order a longer frame pair so i can block more of the light.

10/10 would definitely BUY AGAIN!

Steve McInerney (Sydney, AU)
Lightweight, comfortable

After trying various Blue Blockers over the years "The Tangle" by Rhythm Optics are now my go-to pair of blue blockers. Lightweight, comfortable, excellent build quality and come with a very nice hard case for storage. Customer service and communication from Rhythm Optics is excellent!

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