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The Tangle with Rhythm450 lens

Meet The Tangle.

Don't be a square.  The thin rectangular frame of The Tangle looks great on those with oval or round face shapes.

Made of Swiss developed TR90 this frame is lightweight, durable and flexible. The inherent flexibility allows them to form to your face for improved comfort. Unlike cheap, brittle Polycarbonate frames, they wont easily break if sat on, stood on or dropped.

The Tangle Day features our Rhythm450 lens which is optimized for use during the day.  Perfect for long days behind a blue light computer screen in an LED or Flouro lit office.

The Tangle Day protects your eyes from receiving artificial blue light thanks to our Rhythm450 lens technology.

This "yellow" lens filters out all but 1.2% of blue light at 440nm. At 450nm it is 1.3%, at 460nm it is 6.7% and at 470nm begins to allow more in at 41.8% and progresses up from there.

Enough to reduce digital eye strain and also allow you to taper down your light intake over the afternoon, setting you up for an ideal evening of rest. You don't still want your eyes to be receiving "solar noon" signals from your screen at 5pm! 

By blocking out this harmful blue light, your light environment will be more like nature intended.  Your circadian rhythm will be optimized. You will sleep better at night, wake at the right time in the morning, and have more energy and mental clarity throughout the day.  Ultimately you reduce the effects of ageing by supporting your mitochondrial health, which is key to prevention of most modern diseases.

Frame Size: 50mm wide lens - 19mm wide bridge - 140mm long temple

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Does the job well
Phenomenal glasses!
Great product.
Couldn't ask for a better looking pair of blockers

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