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This is The Captain speaking.

Welcome aboard. We are presently cruising at a spectrum of 380 to 500 nanometers and are expecting a smooth flight today.  We anticipate an on-time arrival at Optimal Health at 10:05 PM GMT. From all of us at Rhythm Airlines, we hope you enjoy your flight.

Take the controls of your journey to optimal health with The Captain, our Aviator style frame matched with our Rhythm500 lens.   

The Captain suits every kind of face shape. Whether you have an oval, round, diamond or heart shaped face, The Captain will look great on you.

The Captain's Rhythm500 lens protects your eyes from receiving 100% of the harmful blue light spectrum and filters the green spectrum. You are being bombarded by junk light from the screens of your smartphone, tablet, computer, and tv, not to mention LED and Fluorescent lighting...your biology was not designed for this!

By blocking out 100% of this harmful blue light and reducing the green, your light environment will be more like nature intended.  Your circadian rhythm will be optimized. You will sleep better at night, wake at the right time in the morning, and have more energy and mental clarity throughout the day.  Ultimately you reduce the effects of ageing by supporting your mitochondrial health, which is key to prevention of most modern diseases.

Frame Size: 52mm wide lens - 19mm wide bridge - 140mm long temple

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Stylish and Comfy

These are wonderful for around the house or winding down when you have to be out in public. Wearing aviators makes it seem like a fashion choice, in addition to a health choice. Highly recommend!!! Great quality, great customer service.