The Lucent by Rhythm Optics

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Meet the Lucent.  Meet a new you. 

/ˈluːsənt/ [loo-suh-nt] adjective: 
brilliant, shining, translucent.
Wear these after sundown and you soon will be brilliant & shining inside and out.

The translucent frame is a fresh take on a classic style.  They look great on...more like a cool pair of sunnies than dorky blueblockers.

The Lucent's Mito500 lens protects you by blocking 100% of the harmful blue light spectrum and filters the green light too. You are being bombarded by junk light from the screens of your smartphone, tablet, computer, and tv, not to mention LED and Fluorescent lighting...your biology was not designed for this!

By blocking out 100% of this harmful blue light and reducing the green light, your light environment will be more like nature intended.  Your circadian rhythm will be optimized. You will sleep better at night, wake at the right time in the morning, and have more energy and mental clarity throughout the day.  Ultimately you reduce the effects of ageing by supporting your mitochondrial health, which is key to prevention of most modern diseases.

The Lucent suits every kind of face shape. Whether you have an oval, round, diamond or heart shaped face, The Lucent will look great on you.

Frame Size: 52mm wide lens - 20mm wide bridge - 142mm long temple

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Customer Reviews

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I love these glasses. They are comfortable, they look good, and they work.


These are amazing BlueBlockers. So happy! We're not new to Blueblockers but the best upgrade ever! Welldone Rhythm Optics

Super Cool

Best and coolest blue blocking glasses. I own several pairs. All work well at blocking blue light. None look as good. None are as comfortable. The best.

I Want These Back!

I ordered these glasses and tried them on. The photo attached to this review is the ONLY time I ever was able to wear these. My GF snatched them up and hasn't let them go since. She loves the fit, the style and the calm she feels when wearing them under bright lights. I'm just glad I also ordered the Tangle or I'd be without glasses!