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Helping modern humans sleep, heal & thrive with

Blue Light Blocking Eyewear

proven to improve sleep and optimize Circadian Rhythm by blocking artificial light at night.

Block blue and green light after sundown for the best sleep you've had in years!

Our After Sundown eyewear collection allows you to still be exposed to artificial light from your screens and home lighting at night while protecting yourself from Circadian Rhythm disruption.

With 2 after sundown lens options you'll find the right one for you whether new to blue blocking or a hardcore biohacker!

The Rhythm500 lens is developed to block out 100% of artificial blue light and the Rhythm560 lens goes further to block out virtually all green light too.

Rhythm Optics are the solution to unavoidable modern light that causes melatonin suppression. In turn supporting deep restorative sleep and optimal mitochondrial function, the key to good health and disease prevention.

Filter blue light during the day to prevent digital eye strain & retinal cellular damage.

Our During Daytime eyewear collection of anti-blue light lens styles are for those spending long days behind computer, tablet, and mobile screens and while in artificially lit offices.

With clear or yellow tinted lens to choose from you'll find the right solution for you. 

The RhythmCLR is a clear lens formulated to reduce blue light to prevent digital eye strain. Being crystal clear it doesn't distort colours - great for the office, they look smart and don't attract attention.

The Rhythm450 lens is specially developed for the serious screen user. Whether you're a hardcore gamer or just stuck behind a computer all day in a horribly lit office, you can block out the wavelengths known to cause cellular damage to the eye.

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